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Hydra-Slide XLP30

Hydra-Slide has identified a gap in the traditional load-moving equipment available in the industrial market. There is a need for a reliable, safe method of moving loads in the range of 30 tons and under.

Pump carts, dollies, and forklifts are typically insufficient for the task, whereas gantries, cranes, and traditional skidding systems are expensive to mobilize, and oversized for this type of work. The result is a lot of jury-rigged solutions using rollers, ropes and pulleys, or overloaded dollies – solutions that can be unpredictable and dangerous for both commodity and crew.

The XLP30 Skidding System bridges the gap, allowing users to perform smaller moves in a safe, controlled manner. The XLP30 is simple, user-friendly, and versatile. And like every Hydra-Slide system, it is designed with the rigger in mind.

The XLP30 features a 1.125” (29mm) profile, is completely hand-portable, requires limited jacking, and can push or pull up to 30 tons (27 tonnes).

  • Simple switch from push to pull mode
  • Ideal for limited clearance/access
  • Low-maintenance steel-UHMW slide surface
  • Cylinders automatically reset, keeping crew members at a safe distance