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REID PortaBase H Base

The PORTABASE H Base is a five piece, portable system which can be easily broken down for transportation. Expertly engineered to provide full use and compatibility with the TDAVIT and PORTADAVIT QUANTUM providing maximum flexibility where the installation or use of a fixed socket is not possible.

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  • OSHA compliant
  • ANSI Z359 18.17 compliant for fall protection applications
  • Goods capacity of up to 1320lb and personnel capacity of up to 660lb
  • Breaks down in to 3 components for ease of transportation
  • Designed ease of assembly using pins, with no bolted sections or the need for tools    
  • Detachable legs for ease of transportation
  • Levelling feet designed to support the system to function correctly on uneven ground
  • Compatible with the use of TDAVIT and PORTADAVIT QUANTUM
  • Clean, anodized finish for increased corrosion resistance 
  • Engineered designs and bespoke sections reduce weight, providing lightweight portability

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