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7″ Heavy-Duty Concrete Surface Grinder with Dust Extraction

The EBS 180 H Concrete Surface Grinder is held by two side handles. This ergonomic “H” design differs from traditional right angle grinders and allows the operator to finish larger surfaces with less fatigue. Additionally, the motor is set above the grinding wheel in a dust-free zone, resulting in longer tool life.
A brush shield protects against dust and enables adjustment of the working height to the wear of the diamond grinding wheel. Also, the EBS 180 H has a removable front dust guard for finishing concrete floors into the corners and edges.

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  • Vibration reduction technology
  • Remove paint, epoxy, glue and other hard coatings
  • Smooth rough surfaces
  • Clean concrete before applying new paint or coatings
  • Collect dust for clean working area with a CS Unitec dust extraction vacuum
  • Powerful 20 amp motor
  • Electronic – soft start, temperature and overcurrent cut-off
  • Foldable front edge of dust guard – for grinding directly to the edge of the work area (no laborious reworking, saves time and costs)
  • Brush rim – high suction power for dust-free working by connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner (accessory) to the 1-1/4″ nozzle
  • Parallel handle position – ergonomic handles allow exact and balanced guiding for a better surface finish
  • Floor guiding device – available as accessory

Specifications Table


Power input 20 Amp, 110 V
Load speed 6,000 RPM
Disc diameter 7″
Spindle connection 7/8″ dia.
Weight 18 lbs.
Supplied in a case with diamond grinding wheel (concrete) and tool kit
Optional Cart Model no. 37217
Grinder with Cart Order No. EBS 180 N

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