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Concrete Scouring Machine – Scouring Machine with Dust Extraction

Ideal for professional renovation projects – roughen, descale, abrade, clean and texturize, as well as remove plaster, old paint, adhesives, plastics and resins

The new EPF 1503 Scouring Machine enables the user to knock off plaster, roughen concrete, level screed or remove old paint. The 13.6 AMP motor is powerful enough to scarify large surfaces. The dust guard is vertically adjustable and connects directly to a standard vacuum hose. The combination of a vertically mounted motor and dust guard extends the life of the tool by keeping dust away from the motor. The ergonomically designed tool reduces user fatigue.

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  • Extremely versatile scouring machine with dust extraction
  • Electronic – soft start, constant speed, speed reduction in case of overload, temperature and overcurrent cut-off
  • Guide ring adjustable – precise depth adjustment
  • Brush rim – high suction power for dust-free working with an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Soft grip handle – less vibration, non-slip
  • Removal of tile adhesive, plaster, paint, coatings
  • Roughing of surfaces

Specifications Table

EPF 1503

Power Input 13.6 Amp
Rated Voltage 110V
Load Speed 4,000 RPM
Milling Head Diameter 5″
Depth Adjustment 0.02″ – 0.16″
Spindle Connection M 14 male
Weight 10 lbs.
Supplied in a case with capstan, includes 16 claw cutters

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