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CS Unitec END 130/3.2 PO

The Diamond Core Drill combines a robust all-aluminum housing with a compact size and powerful 15 AMP motor. The heavy-duty design and power reserve make it suitable for continuous use.

Use hand-held for up to 3-1/4″ diameter and/or rig-mounted for up to 6″ diameter. The mechanical 3-speed gearbox allows the operator to select the best speed for the core bit diameter. The result is optimum drilling and longer tool life.

All models include a built-in leveling bubble, safety slip clutch, carrying case, water swivel, overload signal and Ground Fault Interrupter. Connecting threads of 5/8″ x 11 UNC, 1-1/4″x 7 UNC and G1/2″ fit all standard core bits.

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  • Holes up to 6″ diameter mounted in a drill stand
  • Use hand-held up to 3-1/4″ dia. and/or rig-mounted for up to 6″ dia.
  • Mechanical Slip Clutch Design
  • Load Speeds: 600 / 1300 / 2800 RPM
  • 15 Amps, 110V
  • Weight: 16 lbs.

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