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CS Unitec Mixing Paddles for Hand Held Mixers

Mixing paddles can be supplied in different configurations depending on the material to be mixed. The helical design mixes the product from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles from being sucked into the material. Our heavy-duty mixing paddles are made of robust welded steel and are galvanized for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. These features make our mixing blades ideal for continuous, professional use. The end result is a perfect blend for the mixing professional.

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  • Low Viscosity – Ideal for liquid materials with a low viscosity, including wall paints, lacquers, cement paints, chemicals, coating compounds and laitance.
  • Medium Viscosity – For tenacious materials of a high viscosity such as finished plaster, mortar, gypsum, lime, floor compounds, granulates and quartz-filled epoxy resin.
  • High Viscosity – Extra-robust stirring paddle for finished mortar, finished plaster, floor compounds, refractory cements, insulating materials and quartz-fi lled epoxy resin.
  • Fold & Stir – Mixes all types of drywall mud and textured products quickly and completely. Great for decorative concrete coatings and comparable products. Specially designed blade folds material and then stirs it, virtually eliminating the injection of air into the system. Works in 5- to 55-gallon drums.
  • Overlayments & Colored Products – Ideal for mixing a wide range of underlayments, overlayments and colored products. Integrated shear bars evenly disperse powders and liquids throughout tinted and dyed mixtures. For dry-bag compounds, cement/acrylic plasters and grout, as well as premixed products.
  • Mixing Paddles are available with a standard 14mm male thread connection, as well as a 1/2″ hex shank to fit standard drill chucks.
  • All paddles are 24″ long
  • 3”, 9” and 15″ paddle extensions available

Specifications Table

Materials Model – 14mm Thread Paddle Diameter Model – 1/2” Hex Shank Connection
Low Viscosity RG 120 4.5” RG 120 H
Medium Viscosity WG 120 4.5” WG 120 H
WG 135 5.4” WG 135 H
WG 160 6.25” WG 160 H
High Viscosity MG 120 4.5” MG 120 H
MG 140 5.6” MG 140 H
MG 160 6.25” MG 160 H
MG 235 9.25” MG 235 H
Fold & Stir MH 240 9.625” x 6.25” MH 240 H
Overlayments & Colored Products TWP 140 5.5” PWP 140
TWP 160 6.375”
4.75” PWP 120

Delivery Reach

We deliver throughout North America. From the moment an order is received, our total focus is to ensure deliveries are shipped out as soon as possible and meet the exact specifications requested.

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