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LPS55 Pole Tamper

Compact clay, soil and asphalt – ideal for water, gas, electric and utilities.

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  • Backfill small areas in tight, narrow spaces or up against walls, mains, piping, utility poles, signs, fence posts and more
  • Ideal for water, electric, gas and utility companies
  • Compact clay, soil and asphalt, as well as any finely crushed or powdered material
  • Long handle for extended reach into inaccessible areas
  • Angled air inlet to direct hose away from operator
  • Hand guard to protect user

Specifications Table

150.5031 LPS55 with 5″ Round Compactor Foot 28.6 44.5
150.5030 LPS55 with 4″ x 4″ Compactor Foot 28.6 43.0
150.5021 LPS55 with 6″ x 5″ Compactor Foot 29.75 43.6

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We deliver throughout North America. From the moment an order is received, our total focus is to ensure deliveries are shipped out as soon as possible and meet the exact specifications requested.

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