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PortaMix Meda Hippo Mixing Stations

Industry standard system for self-levelling.

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  • 3-speed motor maintains higher speeds to handle a wider range of materials
  • Large batch capacity: mix up to 6 bags (23 gallons/350 lbs.) of self-levelers
  • Replaceable liners increase productivity and eliminate cross-contamination
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 86% AND increase output by up to 11x when used with a Pelican Transport Cart
  • Applications: Self-Leveling Over/Underlayments, Engineered Concrete, Cement Screeds Sealants, Adhesives, Resins, Epoxies,Textured Coatings, Slurries and more
  • PMH80F-DC3.1
    Ideal for flat floors. Allows accurate placement – pour and spread at the same time. 4 casters.
  • PMH80X-DC3.1
    Ideal for rough terrain. Increased height – pour directly into buckets or carts. 2 tires/2 legs.

Specifications Table

Model Power (110 V) 3-Speeds Bucket Capacity Width Transport Height Tilting Cradle Weight
PortaMix MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station 20 Amp (2300 W) 175 /300 / 430 RPM 23 Gal / 6 bags (50 Lb) / 350 Lbs.

86 L /  6 bags (22 Kg) / 160 Kg

23-3/4” 48” Balanced for Easy Operation 109 lbs.

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