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Cutting & Bevelling

Mathey Dearman MagnaCut XM

Mathey Dearman’s revolutionary MagnaCut XM enables the welder and pipefitter to cut, bevel, and even weld steel pipe and steel plate without having to secure the machine to the work surface by means of chains, clamps, or any other device. The secret is in the MagnaCut’s magnetic wheels that secure the machine to the surface with 300lbs of pull.

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  • Minimum setup time – just set the distance between the torch tip and the work surface
  • Versatile – cuts pipe, plate, walls and overheads
  • Safe – Speed and direction of both machine and torch arm speed are remotely controlled
  • Amazing holding power – strong rare-earth magnets hold fast to any magnetic receptive surface with coating up to .015″ (.4mm) thick.
  • Fast – Up to 80% faster than cutting by hand.

Specifications Table

Mini-MAG XM, 115VAC 115VAC (50/60Hz) 05.0550.MINIXM 31 lbs / 14 kg 39 lbs / 17.6 kg
Mini-MAG XM, 230VAC 230VAC (50/60Hz) 05.0550.MINIXM2 31 lbs / 14 kg 39 lbs / 17.6 kg
MagnaCUT XM 115VAC (50/60Hz)** 05.0550.000XM 37 lbs / 16.7 kg 60 lbs / 27 kg

Delivery Reach

We deliver throughout North America. From the moment an order is received, our total focus is to ensure deliveries are shipped out as soon as possible and meet the exact specifications requested.

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