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Jack-Mate Synchronization

Jack-Mate WMD Displacement Sensor

Display cylinder stroke or movement of structures, machinery,bearing alignment, rebar stretch, or geotechnical pile testing. Magnetic base included. Stroke range 12-50′. Accuracy 0.25% -1%

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  • Stroke range 12-50′.
  • Accuracy 0.25% -1%
  • Pressure and displacement sensors provide real-time feedback and data recording. Easily identify any changes in lift dynamics as you monitor in real time.
  • The combination of digital and mechanical feedback allows the operator to
  • precisely control the lift within mm, rivaling costly computerized systems.
  • Wireless devices are easy to install and provide extra long range with no added cables cluttering up the workplace.
  • Simple customizable software features load, stroke, COG, stage lifting and weighing capabilities.

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