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Eagle Pro TWP Series Pumps

The Eagle Pro TWP Series is designed with a multiple of useful features. The fully adjustable and lockable pressure valve allows for accurately setting the system pressure, to achieve the right amount of torque. Productivity is increased through the inclusion of a built in oil-cooling system. The reservoir is constructed of high strength, light- weight aluminum alloy that allows for easy portability. By using a four-port valve design, this pump enables the operation of two torque wrenches at the same time. The pressure gauge and oil level sight are easy to read to ensure the pump is working properly. The Eagle Pro TWP series increases the life of the product by adding a high strength aluminum roll cage that protects the pump in harsh environmental conditions.

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  • Fully adjustable and lockable pressure valve
  • Built-in oil-cooling system
  • Four-port valve design
  • Allows for use of two torque wrenches simultaneously
  • High strength aluminum roll cage protects the pump

Specifications Table

Model Number of Wrenches Flow Rates Oil Capacity Dimensions Motor Weight W/O Oil
1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage L W H
IN2 per min L per min IN2 per min L per min IN2 per min L per min Gal Lt IN IN IN
TWP-3AF 1 or 2 488 8 93 1.52 93 1.52 1.5 6 16.9 13 18.58 1.3Hp, 115V 60Hz 60.6

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