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GKS-PERFEKT V20 Hydraulic Toe Jack

When you have to move the heaviest equipment or handle the most difficult jobs, the 20-ton (44,000lbs.) capacity GKS-PERFEKT Toe Jack V20 is the solution you need.

At GKS-PERFEKT, we designed our flagship V20 toe jack as an extremely sturdy, easy-to-operate, indoor and outdoor floor jack that can handle a full 20-ton (44,000lbs.) load on both the toe and top plate. Self-contained, the V20 features a minimum load height of just 30 millimeters (1.2in.), wheels that facilitate easy rolling and a lifting capacity that can be doubled when operated in tandem with a second hydraulic toe jack using an external GKS PV Hand Pump or external GKS PE Electrical Pump.

With its 20-ton (44,000lbs.) capacity, the GKS-PERFEKT V20 toe jack is designed to help lift and move the heaviest equipment in factories, on shop floors, assembly lines and even remote locations. It is also available in a nickel-plated version for use in clean rooms.

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  • Forged, steel safety toe; which is more durable than cast steel
  • Same capacity on the toe and the head
  • Ability to operate with the manual lift or a hydraulic pump
  • 5-year warranty
  • Simplified Design—fewer parts means fewer problems
  • Non slip friction pad on the head of the jack

Specifications Table

Load Capacity 44,000 lbs (20 t) 200 Kn
Working Pressure 7,542 psi (520 bar)
Loading Height: Toe Min 1.2″ (30 mm)
Loading Height: Toe Max 6.7″ (170 mm)
Stroke 6.3″ (160 mm)
Top Plate LxW 4.6 x 4.2″ (120 x 110 mm)
Loading Height Top plate 12.8″ / 325 mm
Lift Toe Positions 4
Dimensions LxWxH 16.7 x 12.8 x 12.8″ (425 x 325 x 325 mm)
Weight with oil 159 lbs. / 72kg

Delivery Reach

We deliver throughout North America. From the moment an order is received, our total focus is to ensure deliveries are shipped out as soon as possible and meet the exact specifications requested.

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