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Lifting Magnets

Eclipse Ultralift Plus Magnets

The Ultralift Plus range of manual lifters provides the safest magnetic lifting available. This range of lifters offers an excellent performance to weight ratio. This is achieved using high-energy neodymium magnets, arranged in an efficient magnetic circuit, to give a superb holding force, providing a safe, reliable lift. 

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  • Easy to install
  • Simple one man operation
  • No power required
  • Load surface not marked
  • High performance magnet material providing high performance at a lower weight
  • Saves space as access is only needed to the top of the load
  • 3 safety mechanisms ensure safe lifting
  • Lifting eye sensor – when under tension the lifting eye automatically locks the handle ensuring that the load cannot be released
  • Safety shim – the patented safety shim enables pre-testing of the load thereby ensuring a 3:1 guaranteed safety factor
  • Safety button – locks the handle in place preventing the accidental release of the load

Specifications Table

Product Number Self Weight (kg) Material Length Max. (mm) Flat Section SWL (kg) Flat Section Thickness Min (mm) Round Section Dia. Max (mm) Round Section SWL (kg)
UL0125+ 4 1500 125 20 200 50
UL0250+ 11 1500 250 25 100 300
UL0500+ 27 2000 500 30 200 400
UL01000+ 63 3000 1000 45 400 450
UL02000+ 157 3000 2000 55 800 600

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