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Load Monitoring

Crosby Straightpoint Handheld Plus

The Handheld plus is a rugged and versatile digital handheld display. It has an extensive range of features and is suitable for all Crosby | SP load cell products. At the heart of the ergonomically designed Handheld plus is a powerful PCB providing industry leading features such as user selectable units of measure (tonnes, lbs, kg and kN), programmable audible overload alarm (HHP & SW-HHP), peak hold, pre-set tare and a user resettable (HHP & SW-HHP) overload counter.

This crucial overload alarm counter is a requirement for many safety and quality control departments, as it keeps track of overload events, allowing the load cell in question to be removed from service immediately, following the calibration voiding overload event. The load cell in question can then be sent out for proper testing and, if necessary, recalibration before re-entering service. The HHP is suitable for connection via cable to any Straightpoint cabled load cell product and easily adapted to any other manufacturers’ load cell product with a mv/v output. In addition to the standard HHP the SW-HHP is suitable for connection to any Straightpoint wireless load cell, has a range of up to 1000m/3280ft (ATEX 500m/1640ft) and is supplied as standard with the Radiolink plus load cell.

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  • Displays up to 4 load cells simultaneously
  • Wireless range 1000m or 3280ft (ATEX 500m or 1640ft)
  • Low battery warning
  • Signal strength warning
  • Overload counter
  • User settable 90db audible overload alarm
  • Multiple display units – tonnes, lbs, kg and kN
  • 200Hz Peak hold
  • Annual calibration reminder

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