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Load Monitoring

Crosby Straightpoint HHP2 App

Up to four Crosby Straightpoint Bluetooth load cells can be connected and monitored by up to eight smartphones, with the HHP2 app installed. It will enable more than one lifting professional to monitor the loads progress and safety, spotting potential dangers or issues from different vantage points.

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  • Connect up to four load cells simultaneously
  • Set lift threshold and measure productivity per shift
  • View in eight different languages
  • Overload screen flash option
  • Alarm latching
  • Set and record overload incidents
  • Up to 100m or 328ft Bluetooth remote monitoring distance
  • Multiple weight unit measurement options (kN, metric tons, kg, lbs, custom unit)
  • Peak hold and display value alonside live readings
  • Datalog Report
  • Export Datalog Report
  • Zero and gross monitoring options
  • User defined resolution setup

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