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Unibor Magnetic Drill Arbors

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Specifications Table

ARB015 2 Morse Taper Short Arbor, 2 Set Screws for 3/4 Shank
ARBO02 Standard length 2 Morse Taper Arbor, 2 Set Screws for 3/4 Shank
ARBOIL2 Number 2 morse taper arbor with coolant feed
M0505 2 Morse Taper, QuickHitch 3/4 Shank Arbor
ARBO03 3 Morse Taper Arbor, 3/4”, 2 Set Screw
ARBO04 4 Morse Taper to 3/4

Annular Cutter Arbor

ARBOIL3 3 Morse Taper Arbor

with Coolant Feed, 3/4”

2 Set Screw

ARBQR03 3 Morse Taper Quick Hitch

Arbor. 3/4” Shank

ARB020 3 Morse Taper, 1-1/4 Arbor,

2 set screws

ARB017 3 Morse Taper Oil Feed

Arbor with 3” Cut Depth,

3/4” 2 Set Screw

Delivery Reach

We deliver throughout North America. From the moment an order is received, our total focus is to ensure deliveries are shipped out as soon as possible and meet the exact specifications requested.

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