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CS Unitec Tools

At Equipment Corps, we carry a wide variety of CS Unitec tools. Our selection offers a variety of electric and pneumatic tools for all your sawing and drilling needs. The brand CS Unitec is known as an industry leader in the cutting of metal, pipe and concrete. The lightweight design, coupled with the heavy duty quality gives the tools the best possible results. We carry blades that have the best capability for cutting steel, chrome, aluminum, iron, concrete, as well as other masonry materials. Our choices of power include electric, hydraulic and pneumatic for all you needs.

Whether you require electric or pneumatic tools to get the job done, we have the right equipment. We only work with best brands here at Equipment Corps, and CS Unitec’s offerings fit that bill. Take their excellent electric coring machines, for example, offering you the ability to core holes from under 6” all the way up to 14”. If you need additional support, call us toll-free at 1.800.461.1847 or email us at sales@equipmentcorps.com, today!