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Equipment Corps is your one-stop source for CS Unitec tools. Rent or buy the proper coring machine to complete a specific task on your project, whether it’s small or big. We carry Unitec coring machines, all handheld and lightweight to complete a task without having to maneuver an awkward machine.

When you need solid electric Unitec tools, the Unitec electric core drill is a top seller. The high torque and easy operation make using this drill a snap, it’s ideal for drilling through any type of concrete, whether reinforced concrete, brick, blocks, or stone. The 24.5 AMP motor runs a three-speed gearbox with a hefty drill stand. The EBM 350/3PSA produces holes up to 14 inches in diameter, which makes this drill versatile for any type of construction project.

If you need reliable electrician tools and equipment, look no further than the END 130/3PO model for pneumatic Unitec tools. It’s fast, efficient, and adaptable. You have the option to use it handheld, up to a 3-inch diameter, or rig mount it up to a 6-inch diameter. With these optimum drilling options, your drill’s life will last longer. Equipment Corps leases or sells industrial construction equipment within your budget and needs. Visit our online store or contact our sales department with your request.