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Eagle Pro ESL Series Cylinders

Featuring a low-profile, or flat design, the Eagle Pro ESL series cylinder is an optimal choice for confined spaces.  The hardened and chromed piston is constructed of high strength alloy steel that increases durability by reducing wear and corrosion.  The grooved piston end does not require a saddle and the inclusion of mounting holes permits easy fixturing. 

Retraction time is quick thanks to the heavy duty, straight pull return springs.  An environmentally friendly coating process is used to provide the durable anti-corrosion finish.  The female coupler comes with a dust cover – preventing dirt and debris from entering the hydraulic system.  The Eagle Pro ESL Series complies with ASME B30.1 standards.

Eagle Pro EDLL Series Cylinder

The Eagle Pro EDLL Series Cylinder is the ideal solution for confined spaces, where you need more lift than what the standard low profile cylinder typically provides. With the ability to climb, these cylinders can provide close to 5 in. of secure incremental lift. Compact and double action design provides fast and controlled piston retraction while the alloy lock-nut allows for mechanical load holding.

The EDLL Series comes equipped with a tilting saddle standard. A built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization. The hardened and nitrocarburized black piston, tilting saddle, lock-nut and cribbing accessories are constructed of high strength alloy steel for increased durability and corrosion resistance. Dust covers and couplers come standard. The Eagle Pro EDLL Series complies with ASME B30.1 standards.

Eagle Pro ELL Series

The Eagle Pro ELL Series features a low- profile, flat design for use in confined spaces. An alloy steel lock nut allows for mechanical load holding. The ELL series comes equipped with a titling saddle standard. The overflow port functions as a stroke limiter. Dust covers are included with the rugged, EAB-201A female coupler. The Eagle Pro ELL Series complies with ASME B30.1 standards.

Jack-Mate WPS Pressure Sensor

Integrate these seamlessly into any hydraulic circuit and monitor cylinder pressure, calculate loads, or initiate safety alerts. 
Pressure Ranges to 15,000 psi. Accuracy of 1%.

Jack-Mate WMD Displacement Sensor

Display cylinder stroke or movement of structures, machinery,bearing alignment, rebar stretch, or geotechnical pile testing. Magnetic base included. Stroke range 12-50′. Accuracy 0.25% -1%

Jack-Mate Synchronization System

Jack-Mate synchronizes up to ten pneumatic jacks for multi-point lifting and positioning applications. Equal volume on dedicated circuits ensure synchronized travel. It’s easy to setup and onsite support is provided by well-qualified, field tested technicians. Real time pressure and displacement data are wirelessly transmitted to a user-friendly interface. The interconnection between digital and mechanical feedback offer operators and engineers a high level of insight into the behaviour of the structure being lifted and the ability to adjust to ever-changing conditions. This technology is designed and manufactured in Canada and is MTO OSS compliant. Its rugged mechanical design is built for real job sites where environments are harsh.

Simplex CLP Pancake Lock Nut Cylinder

Simplex RLN Lock Nut Cylinders