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Canflex Crane Test Water Bags

Streamline your crane testing operations with Canflex load test bags and load measuring products. Crane Test Water Bags range from 1t to 100t, and are made from 100% “High Tenacity” PVC coated polyester fabric material which comes ready with: safety shackles, master link, fluid transfer fittings and valves required for operation.

The continued development of the Canflex Crane Load Test Bags have increased greatly the practicability, economy and safety of providing load testing on cranes in power plants, general industry, construction and marine operations. These bags can also be used as emergency fluid storage containers. During transportation and staging the bags with load cells weigh just a fraction of its rated load keeping freight costs, storage space, floor loading and especially manpower to a minimum. Capacities range from 1 to 100 Tonnes (1,000 to 100,000 Kg).

Crosby Straightpoint HHP2 App

Up to four Crosby Straightpoint Bluetooth load cells can be connected and monitored by up to eight smartphones, with the HHP2 app installed. It will enable more than one lifting professional to monitor the loads progress and safety, spotting potential dangers or issues from different vantage points.

Crosby Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackle

Available from stock in capacities 3.25t to 120t and available up to 1,550t, the WLS is manufactured from Crosby’s industry leading 2130 Carbon and 2140 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackles (3.25te – 120te) and the GN H10 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle (200te on up).

JDN Air Hoists Profi

JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are superior in all places where safety is a priority. The PROFI Series has a 100% duty rating and explosion protection making it suitable for applications in hazardous areas. Ask about control system options and trolley designs meant for traversing loads.